BHO Data Dictionary Changes

Published: 15 December 2015
Implementation date: 01 April 2016

Summary of Changes ยป

Code Tables

Codes »

Data Elements

Descriptions of the different data elements used in the transactions.

Elements »


General documentation notes related to the NSMHA CIS Data Dictionary.

Notes »


Specifications for the non-HIPAA records sent to the NSMHA CIS.

Transactions »

Discontinued Transactions

Transactions that are no longer in effect as of 01 October 2015.

Transactions »

HIPAA Transactions

Documentation of expected loops and segments in HIPAA transactions.

HIPAA Transactions »


DSHS/DBHR Service Encounter Reporting Instructions for RSNs.



The means to send and receive files for the NSMHA CIS.


Actions Allowed

Definitions for the values found in the Actions Allowed column in the Transactions

Actions Allowed »

Transaction Forms

Mappings of selected clinical forms to the NSMHA CIS Transactions

Form Mappings »

Example Transactions

Examples of what different transactions should look like.

Examples »

Past Data Dictionary Changes

Changes that were effective 01 October 2015.

Summary of Changes »

Access to Care Standards

The statewide Access to Care Standards describes the minimum standards and criteria for clinical eligibility for behavioral health services.

Draft ACS »